HR information systems held back by lack of change in management

new survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
suggests the chances of implementing HR information systems successfully would
be improved by a greater efforts to change management practices.

People and Technology survey reveals that while the majority of systems are
delivering what is expected of them, a substantial minority of respondents are

than two in five report that systems do not allow employees to manage their
time more effectively, do not improve profitability, and do not facilitate the
achievement of external standards such as the Investors in People award.

Brown, assistant director-general of the CIPD, said: "It is still the case
that too many organisations are failing to adhere to best change management
practice. If organisations were to train more of their staff in project
management skills as well as piloting schemes or evaluating systems after its
implementation, the number of organisations reporting problems would reduce

By Mike Berry

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