T&G union calls for voluntary sector partnership

Transport and General Workers’ Union is calling for the voluntary sector to
forge a new partnership with the trade unions to overcome problems of
recruitment and retention.

at the at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations Conference Jack
Dromey, national organiser for the T&G, urged bosses not to short change
charity workers on pay.

voluntary sector boasts a resource the private sector would pay in spades for:
a committed, motivated workforce," he said. "However, as the T&G
would argue in any sector – public, private or voluntary – if you want quality
delivery you need to pay for quality people. That means no short-changing
charity workers on pay.

and retention of staff in voluntary sector organisations is a major issue for
many workers and managers. At the T&G our industrial experience tells us
that forward thinking bosses reap the benefits from a workforce that feels
valued and justly rewarded.

organisations have made the leap into the 21st century in terms of service
delivery and campaigning for social change, it is now the responsibility of
those organisations to ensure that their working conditions are equally

said Government must play its part in this by raising standards in the voluntary
sector by establishing a skills council.

voluntary sector and trade unions have a lot to gain from forging a new
partnership," he said. "We share common values and a common purpose.
We urge voluntary sector managers to work with the unions to improve
recruitment and retention, and we urge voluntary sector workers to see unions
as a positive force for change in their workplace."

By Quentin Reade

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