T&G starts search for new leader

Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) is to open nominations to find a
new leader.

of the T&G’s six thousand branches will be entitled to make a nomination at
specially convened meetings during the nomination period, which will run from
24 March to 23 April 2003.

secretary Bill Morris is due to retire in October.

has been a full-time official for the T&G for 30 years and was elected
general secretary in 1991 and then re-elected in 1995.

said: "It has been an honour and I have been exceptionally proud to lead
my union. 

my 12 years as general secretary I have seen a revolution in the world of work
and have sought to ensure that my union has the strongest foundations to build
for the future. I will leave behind a legacy of irreversible achievements.

has been the byword of my leadership. Respect for our members in offering them
the very best service and respect for our lay leadership and the democratic
structures of the T&G. I have always campaigned for our members to be
treated with dignity and respect in their work.

have placed diversity at the heart of the union and I am particularly proud
that the T&G is open to all and representative of the community of workers
it serves.

T&G is rightly proud of the importance of democracy and the involvement of
its lay membership and the democratic processes of the union will determine my

By Quentin Reade

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