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This week: The silent majority

Is it the place for an esteemed business magazine to be pronouncing judgements on such volatile subjects as religious discord and potential worldwide schisms? Probably not, but then Guru has never been bound by the rules of man (or woman, obviously) – nor by the laws of physics for that matter, but that’s a different story.

It’s just that as the world is shaking at the misplaced wrath of a few fanatics intent on imposing their views on a largely peaceful population, why aren’t there millions in the streets telling the fundamentalists to get their heads screwed on rather than advocating their removal?

For a microcosm of this problem you will have to look no further than your own office, where the loudest person inevitably gets their own way and everyone sits passively by.

Now Guru can’t solve the problem of the silent majority across society, but he takes his God-given responsibility to sort out UK workplaces very seriously.

So do one thing for Yours Truly today. If someone is mouthing off and talking nonsense, and no-one speaks up to inform the idiot in question of the error of their ways, you do it. If everyone does this then we’re on track to show the bullies among us that it won’t wash.

OK, so this isn’t all that funny, but every now and again Guru needs some help if he’s going to sort out the world’s ills.

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