The CIPD has fallen for its own hype

I would like to add my voice to that of Graham Bragg in his opinion of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (‘CIPD isn’t giving value for money’, Personnel Today 27 October).

I too am an HR manager in a medium-sized company, and on the odd occasion that I’ve resorted to the CIPD to provide some practical advice and support, I have been bitterly disappointed. Although I’m part-qualified, I can see no benefit from any of the courses I attended or the exams I sat to get to my current level (not to mention the cost incurred and time wasted). There is no practical application to any of the rubbish that is taught by them, hence my decision not to waste further time or money on their ridiculous qualifications.

I heartily agree with Mr Bragg when he says that the CIPD has not helped him do his job in the slightest. It has been of absolutely no use to me either – a sentiment I suspect would be echoed by many people trying to deal with the day-to-day realities of working in the field of HR.

The CIPD is an entity that has fallen for its own hype. The sooner it comes back down to earth and starts to realise that it’s members need an intelligent, practical and supportive professional body that is run by people who understand the business they are supposed to be in, and starts to provide it, the better off we HR professionals will be.

Come on CIPD – cut the pretentious bull and start giving us some practical support and value for our subscriptions.

Caroline Bainbridge, HR manager

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