The Company Culture Cookbook by Kevin M Thomson

We have all, in a momentary flash of inspiration, gained perceptive insight of our working practices that induces profound change. Self-styled chef, Thomson, draws on The River Café Cook Book as his inspiration and documents his insights using culinary imagery.

The Company Culture Cookbook
By Kevin M Thomson
Publisher: Prentice Hall Page
Pages: 241, Price: £28.99, ISBN: 0 273 65661 9 Reviewed by David Owen
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He focuses on the critical, but often neglected, aspects of management, whose fusion generates behaviours central to changing organisational culture.

The language used by the leader, individual passion and giving praise are some of the raw ingredients promoted to change the way things are said and done so that a change of climate becomes observable.

The highlight of the book is the memorable ‘Shapes and Shades’ – analysis of individual personalities that demonstrates individual strengths and weaknesses within a team. It is an invaluable tool because its abstract nature limits the degree to which people will be able to manipulate outcomes, and it is very quick and easy to apply for teambuilding.

The feast of ideas, perceptions and feelings are brought to life by the deployment of appropriate memorable glossy images that link and underpin the clear simple messages contained in the text. Its simplicity is drawn together by the brief but comprehensive summaries. It is a reminder that analysis does not have to be turgid; it can be brief and incisive. You will dip into this over and over again for the clarity and common sense approach it brings to a complex but critical area of management.

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David Owen is a senior personnel officer for Luton Borough Council and a freelance trainer and lecturer

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