The concept of time management is too much for managers

majority of UK managers consistently work longer than their contracted hours,
according to recent research.

survey of 372 managers by Roffey Park, shows that 87 per cent work five or more
extra hours each week.

number of managers working between five and 10 more hours per week now stands
at 49.2 per cent – an increase of 4.2 per cent since last year. However, the
number working between 11 and 15 extra hours or more has fallen.

workloads were cited by 66 per cent of respondents as the reason for working
overtime. However, 53 per cent work extra hours because they enjoy their jobs
and wish to succeed.

respondents said they work longer hours out of ‘habit’ and ‘self-imposed high
standards’, while others did to ‘ensure appropriate quality’ and ‘uninterrupted

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