The e-learning list helps people looking for e-learning solutions

The e-learning list is a website that helps to connect Training and HR professionals with suppliers of e-learning services and courses.

It provides a place where anyone considering using or buying e-learning services from external providers can find solutions to meet their needs – large or small.

In recent weeks people looking for off the shelf courses in Health and Safety; Diversity and Equality; and IT have made contact with new potential suppliers.

In addition suppliers have been offering Bespoke Development, Rapid Authoring and LMS solutions to customers in need of help.

All of which has happened in the usually quiet month of August. Many more people in search of e-learning solutions are expected to begin using the service to connect with new suppliers as the summer holidays come to a close.

Commenting on the developments, Richard Beaumont, Managing Director of Enriched Learning Services Ltd, the company behind the e-learning list, stated:

“The e-learning list is really beginning to deliver great value to both Customers and Suppliers in the e-learning market. It shows that we are offering a much needed and unique service to everybody with an interest in e-learning.

“As e-learning becomes more accessible and the range of different solutions expands, many more organisations are beginning to invest in e-learning for their staff and customers. As costs continue to fall, this includes smaller companies who have little or no experience or knowledge of the options available to them.

“The e-learning list is designed to be the first stop on the web for people looking to source e-learning services to extend their range of choice by making it easier to connect with new suppliers who can provide new ideas and new solutions.

“With nearly 90 suppliers on the list, there are choice for nearly everyone.”

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