The Impact of Motivating a Team

Do you have motivated, passionate and inspired employees? I recently read some interesting statistics. A study launched by Motiv8 Solutions, the employee motivation experts, found that ‘9 in 10 workers would describe themselves as being engaged with their job.’ Further to this, another study found that, ‘30 % of respondents said they were highly engaged in the workplace’.

For a long time it seemed that the employee motivation and engagement levels were very low among the UK workforce, yet, what these statistics are telling me is that some companies are getting ‘it’ right.  So, what exactly are they doing? What is ‘it’? 

Over the years I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact of effectively motivating and rewarding staff.  Successful motivation schemes drive individual and team performance which in turn affect a company’s sales performance.  It makes sense when people feel valued and appreciated they tend to show it in their dedication to their work.

So how can you achieve this in your organisation? Employee motivation schemes are very effective when you engage your entire staff, not just the top performers. Your workforce will be at its best in an environment where everyone feels they belong, are valued, recognised and they are developing.

Implementing a motivation and reward scheme doesn’t have to cost much.  Team building activities and incentives cost very little compared to their return on investment. Understanding your overall objectives and outcomes, Red Letter Days For Business can help create innovative results driven solutions to raise levels of motivation within your company.

Recently our Events team worked with a leading high street bank to roll-out a bespoke UK wide incentive scheme for 32 of its sales teams. What was unique about this particular package was that it was funded through the over-achievement of the participating teams. Teams were incentivised to hit specific sales targets over an 8-week period. The awards for reaching designated targets were divided between gold, silver and bronze categories, which directly corresponded to the level of sales achieved by each team. The prizes for the successful teams included paintballing, a Thames lunch cruise, an afternoon tea & champagne, a wine tasting, and a theatre and Dinner.

The scheme was designed to strengthen bonds, develop skills and encourage team engagement and was particularly effective because it celebrated the entire group as opposed to just one individual. As a result of the activity, our client saw an increase in sales performance across all 32 teams.

It is possible to instantly see the positive impact of motivating your team. As our client realised, driving motivation has a direct correlation to increased overall team performance and productivity, and at the end of the day, not only were the top performers exceeding expectations, but so too were the other members of staff.

We know the greatest challenge for any business is getting the most out of staff and keeping them engaged and motivated. In today’s economic climate, it is imperative to recognise, reward and motivate your employees – they are your most strategic asset.

Courtney Glymph is a senior communications executive for Red Letter Days for Business

Red Letter Days for Business
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