The Interviewer’s Handbook

Author: Sandra Bunting
Price: 24.95
Pages: 194
Publisher: Kogan Page
ISBN: 074944293X


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The first impressions of the book do not give a feeling of quality. The paper used is like absorbent blotting paper, not the smooth paper that is normally used for a book of this kind. Perhaps it is recycled paper – if so, top marks – but there is no mention that this is the case.
Overall, this is a good useful first book for an HR practitioner or line manager. It is at a basic level, with clearly written, good advice on a step-by-step basis.

The use of tasks set throughout the book is a good idea to embed the practices and processes for an inexperienced reader. However, although there are lots of case studies with tasks set for the reader, there is no feedback or model or suggested solutions given. This means the reader carries out the task, but has no way of knowing how well.

This is a book for a practitioner who is new to HR, and is too basic for someone with experience.

Useful?  Four out of five
Well-written?  Four out of five
Practical? Four out of five
Inspirational? Two out of five
Value for money? Three out of five
Overall Four out of five

Reviewed by Barbara Stannard, personnel manager, Frank Wright

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