The iProCon HCM 2008 conference in London

iProCon Human Capital Management is a London-based management consultancy that assists organisations to attain competitive advantage through superior management of their Human Capital.

On the 22nd October 2008 iProCon HCM is hosting a conference in the Century Club in central London.

The iProCon HCM 2008 conference is specifically targeted at senior managers and executives seeking to achieve their strategic goals more effectively.

It aims at building a bridge between people management and business strategy with a diverse selection of speakers, primarily not from an HR background.

Speakers represent British Airways, British American Tobacco, Cranfield School of Management and others with topics as wide as innovation and learning organisations, cost reduction, performance management, change and crisis management.

With uncertainty surrounding the state of the economy, businesses are faced with a variety of questions that have a direct impact not only on their near-term financial results, but potentially on their very existence.

The conference promises to deliver fresh thinking on how a different view of Human Capital can help to master challenges in a shrinking as well as an expanding market.

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