The Little Book of Coaching

Title: The Little Book of Coaching

Authors: Ken Blanchard and Don Shula

Price: £6.99

Publisher: Harper Collins

Pages: 118

ISBN: 0007122209

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Written in clear, easy to read sections, this pocket-sized manual to coaching is packed full of inspiring quotes and tips.

Co-written by Ken Blanchard, of One Minute Manager fame, and Don Shula, former coach of American football team,
the Miami Dolphins, they draw on their collective experience.

Divided into memorable sections based on an acronym of the word COACH, dip into this book at any section and you will find clear, easy to understand advice and guidance on dealing with the many challenges that leaders face today. This book gives practical advice that varies from leading by example to dealing with setbacks. All advice is backed up by examples of scenarios that both authors have experienced.

Often funny, sometimes serious, but always relevant, the philosophies behind being an effective coach are outlined first with a quote, and then with a section that expands on the principles behind the quote. One of my favourites is “A river without banks is a large puddle”. Apply this quote to leadership and you can see Shula’s point is that direction and a channelling of efforts are important to a team. Without this focus you are likely to end up with a “puddle of mediocrity”.

Although the advice, examples and anecdotes often relate to American football, they can easily be applied to business and all aspects of motivating and coaching people.

Useful?  4 stars

Well-written?  5 stars

Practical?  4 stars

Inspirational?  4 stars

Value for money?  3 stars

Overall  4 stars

Reviewed by Gemma Morgan

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