The Living Leader: book review

Author: Penny Ferguson
Price: £9.99
Publisher: The Infinite Ideas Company
Pages: 173
ISBN: 1904902898

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In this book, Penny Ferguson – founder of the Personal Leadership Programme – explores what leadership actually is.

The book follows much of the same topic areas as the programme, such as listening, developing others, change, and asking the question: where do you want to be?

The 17 chapters can be read as individual pieces or as a whole to enable the reader to improve their leadership skills.

Ferguson begins by looking at the qualities needed to be a good leader, such as performance, communication, accepting responsibility, and inspiring others. She then covers the practical tasks that good leaders should be undertaking. These include developing others to become leaders, encouraging teamwork, listening to others, showing appreciation, asking the right questions, and developing the right people with the right potential.

The book concludes with a look at the value that good leadership can add, how to achieve outstanding leaders, company culture, and the effect good leadership can have on an organisation.

This book would be useful for anybody wishing to improve their leadership skills, or those interested in learning about the Personal Leadership Programme and becoming a ‘living leader’.

Useful? Three out of five stars 
Well-written? Three out of five stars
Practical? Three out of five stars
Inspirational? Three out of five stars
Value for money? Three out of five stars

Reviewed by Teresa Alvarez, learning and development consultant, Essex County Council

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