The most important part of learning & development – transferring the learning

The days when training programmes were seen as an excuse for a ‘jolly’ away from the day job thankfully are a thing of the past, according to Righttrack Consultancy, the learning and development specialist.

More and more people are stating that during any type of development programme the most important thing they hope to gain is transferable tools and skills. 
A frequent complaint regarding the training programmes is that although many courses are interesting and trainers knowledgeable often attendees leave the programmes without ever implementing the skills they have learnt, as the transition of learning was not the focus or the necessary support was not provided.

This results in a ‘lose, lose’ situation for the client organisation, the delegate and the training provider.
Righttrack Consultancy, with over 20 years experience in designing and delivering training programmes, has worked hard to ensure delegates on its programmes never have to experience this lack of support.
John Freshney, Righttrack’s Programme Design Coordinator said, “The fundamental reason for learning and development is to help people develop tools that they can adopt and apply back in the workplace. Training is far more than good instructors, delivering good programme content.
When describing the content of a training programme many providers use words such as fun, creative and interactive, the key buzzwords that many training buyers expect to hear from a training provider.

However, without the focus on transferring learning from the programme into the workplace the outcomes can never be hailed as a real success.

The true long-term objectives can only be met through supporting the transfer of learning back into every day, working life.”
For over 10 years now, Righttrack has offered Righttrack Membership, the scope of which has evolved considerably over this time. 

Membership offers many facilities but the key benefit it that it provides on-going support for a delegate which really helps when clarification of understanding is required or support is needed in implementing new skills.

Membership also plays a vital role in highlighting that learning is not just for the training room but continues back at work too.
Every person attending a Righttrack training programme is automatically offered this membership.

This service continually proves to be popular with Righttrack clients; in fact, Righttrack’s 2008 annual Satisfaction Survey found that clients gave an average score for the Membership system of 4.20 out of 5.
Today value for money and return on investment is even more important than ever. Ensuring people are actually implementing their new skills is not an optional, it is imperative. 

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