The Training Design Manual

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The Training Design Manual: The complete practical guide to creating effective and successful training programmes
Author: Tony Bray
Price: £24.99
From: Kogan Page
ISBN 07494 4570 X

But this book at Amazon

This workbook and CD-Rom package is accompanied by promises of being a one-stop reference manual for planning and designing a course.

And author Tony Bray is a man of his word: the manual packs in everything but the flip-chart stand.

For example, it includes advice on designing for global diversity and how to pilot and launch a course.

Like all the good training events it is trying to emulate, the book mirrors a real life activity by encouraging trainers to focus on a real piece of training design as they work through the book.

The accompanying CD-Rom meshes well with the printed material and is referred to in appropriate points in the book.

This manual is a lucid contribution to a corporate library, but don’t expect any glamour – the presentation is rather dull and the writing stumbles in the early chapters.

However, the author is to be applauded for covering a wide range of activities-from choosing a venue to designing e-learning – in a very accessible manner.

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