Thinking out of the box

A box full of ideas will soon be landing on the doorstep of companies across the East of England as part of a bid to help businesses to tap into the creativity of their staff.

‘The Creative Block’ is a box full of advice from leading thinkers such as creative thinking consultant Edward de Bono, ‘troubleshooter’ Sir John Harvey-Jones, and management thinker Robert Heller.

It also contains insights and advice from a range of business people and employees.

The Creative Block is part of the Space for Ideas initiative led by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA).

Charles Kitchin, Space for Ideas manager at EEDA, said that in a world where products can be copied overnight, new ideas were the only real competitive advantage left.

“With the quality of hi-tech and other new start-ups in the region, the East of England is well-placed to prosper in this kind of environment,” he said. “For example, Cambridge alone attracts 25% of the UK’s venture capital.”

“The purpose of the pack is to provide somewhere to turn to when stocks of inspiration are running short. The block will offer workplaces a practical, accessible resource that anyone can dip into for some fresh impetus from some major thinkers and ideas people in the region.”

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