Third of directors would not re-hire current staff

than a third of HR directors are unhappy with the quality of their employees,
according to research.

National Human Resources Directors Survey 2000 reveals that 35 per cent of HR
directors would re-hire less than 50 per cent of their employees if they could
change all their staff.

25 per cent of HR directors would recruit 75 to 100 per cent of their
workforce, an improvement on last year.

Katz, general manager of recruitment and training consultancy DDI, which
carried out the survey, said the figures reflect the tight labour market and
the skills shortage, particularly in IT.

said, “People say that hiring the right people is so important, but at the same
time employers are under huge pressure to take people on to fill a job, and
then quickly discover they have employed the wrong person.”

survey of 80 leading organisations in the UK also shows that 97 per cent of
respondents identified connecting HR’s relevance to core business issues as one
of the main opportunities for the profession over the next five years.

similar proportion highlights the growth of HR’s internal consulting role as
being equally important.

study shows that 88 per cent of HR directors think hiring the right people is
the most important issue for employers, followed closely by motivating and
retaining the right people at 86 per cent.

found that average staff turnover had risen to 19 per cent in 2000, up 5 per
cent on 1999.

Ben Willmott

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