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Two-thirds of companies offer employees who have adopted children special
paid leave from work, according to research.

The Pay and Benefits Bulletin, In May’s IRS Employment Review, shows that
paid adoptive leave for staff ranges from as little as two days to 18 weeks.

Nearly 60 per cent of employers offer long-service awards. These take the
form of a payment of gift, usually every five years. The BBC offers staff 10
per cent of their annual salary after 25 years’ service, for example.

Most employers – 80 per cent – grant between three and five days off work
for bereavement. Almost 30 per cent offer employees discounts on the company’s
products or services, and nearly a quarter, 23 per cent, offer pre-retirement
leave. Paid pre-retirement leave can take the form of days off to attend
retirement-related courses.

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