This week’s news in brief

Finalists bid for BBC contract

The BBC has whittled down the list of companies bidding to run part of its HR services down to three. The latest stage of the procurement process, which formally began in July, has seen Accenture, Capita and Xchanging making the final shortlist. The contract with the successful supplier is due to become operational from spring 2006.


Unhappiness makes you ill

Workers who are unhappy in their jobs are more likely to become ill, according to extensive research. A study of 250,000 employees by Lancaster University and Manchester Business School found that job satisfaction influenced mental health in particular. People with a lack of job satisfaction were most likely to experience emotional burn-out and suffer from anxiety and depression.


Print industry agreement

The printing industry last week launched a Partnership at Work agreement on working conditions with the Amicus union. The DTI-funded deal, which covers issues such as flexible work patterns, learning and skills, working time and privacy at work, is a UK first, and sets a benchmark for other sectors, according to employment minister Gerry Sutcliffe.


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