This week’s news in brief

 Intelligence failings
UK intelligence personnel operating in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, and Iraq did not have sufficient training, MPs have concluded. The Commons intelligence and security committee’s report, The Handling of Detainees by UK Intelligence Personnel in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay and Iraq, found that staff did not know that some interrogation techniques had been prohibited in 1972.

Intelligence officers had insufficient training for interrogating detainees

Office romance warning
Employers should beware of sacking staff who have an office romance, a law firm has warned, after the chief executive of aircraft manufacturer Boeing was ousted for having a relationship with a female executive. Andy Cross, employment lawyer with Brabners Chaffe Street, said: “Employers could find themselves at an employment tribunal. Workers’ romances are their own business and not their employers.”

Lawyer advises firms to weigh risks of office romances

High price of junk mail
Junk e-mail is costing businesses in the UK £1.3bn a year in lost productivity, IT costs and helpdesk charges – equivalent to 22 per user per year – research has revealed. Analyst firm Ferris Research said companies needed to use more spam-filtering software, as leaving staff to control junk e-mail costs an average of 374 per user per year.

Spam costs UK businesses £1.3bn a year

Off-the-shelf bonus
Supermarket group Sainsbury is dangling a bonus pot worth up to £100m in front of its 1,100 top managers, promising them rich rewards if sales get back on track. The plan would enable managers to get 20,000 shares each – currently worth £58,000 – if performance targets are met.

Sainsbury’s offers top managers share of £100m bonus pot

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