Tom Peters Essentials – Leadership

Title: Tom Peters Essentials – Leadership
Author: Tom Peters
Price: £7.99 (paperback)
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
Pages: 160
ISBN: 1405302577


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In 2003, Tom Peters launched Re-imagine! – a self-styled ‘rant’ in print. With bold colours and striking design, he set out to challenge current business thinking.

The book was indeed challenging – sometimes more in relation to attempting to follow its thread, rather than the ideas themselves. But this is not the case with his latest offering, Leadership – one of a series of pocket books branded ‘Tom Peters Essentials’. Taking key aspects of Re-imagine!, each explores its chosen topic in a more focused and less chaotic style, interspersing ideas with thought-provoking examples from the real world. And it works very well.

Peters demonstrates his passion for the subject, and backs up his ideas and observations with reference to a wide range of respected business publications. Further support comes from his insights into the philosophies and actions of ‘cool friends’ he has known in key positions over the years. His views on subjects ranging from diversity to the strength of women in business are clear and credible, and presented in an engaging and highly readable format.

At £7.99 each, buying the full set of four pocket books may seem pricey – particularly as their source, the earlier book Re-imagine!, is only £14.99. But these pocket books are in truth a much better buy.

Having reviewed this one, I’m tempted to see what some of the others have to say. But with the intriguing titles of Design, Talent, and Trends to choose from, I can see this is going to become an expensive read.

Useful? 4 stars
Well-written? 5 stars
Practical? 5 stars
Inspirational? 5 stars
Value for money? 3 stars
Overall 4 stars

All ratings out of 5 stars

Reviewed by Julian Burch, director of learning and development company Ten Elephants

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