Organise your Favourites into folders

If your list of Favourites is getting as long as your arm, it’s probably
time you sorted it out into folders. It only takes a couple of minutes in
Internet Explorer and will save you time scrolling up and down when you go to
select one in future.

1 Go to the Favourites menu and select Organise Favourites.

2 Click the Create Folder button and a new folder will pop up at the
bottom of your list of Favourites. Choose a name for your first folder and key
it in.

3 To store the Favourites in the appropriate folder, left-click on a
Favourite file from the list, hold the mouse button down and drag it into the
folder. Alternatively you can use the Move to Folder button in Organise

4 You can move the new folder by left-clicking on it, holding the
mouse down and placing it wherever you want in the Favourites list. Repeat the
above steps until you have all your most often visited sites stored in
appropriate folders.

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