Top civil servants earning more than the prime minister

The government has published a list of 172 civil servants earning over £150,000 – more than the prime minister.

More than 20 civil servants earn over £200,000, with Office of Fair Trading chief executive John Fingleton taking home £279,999 a year. Other top earners are NHS chief executive David Nicholson on £259,999 a year, Joe Harley, IT director-general and chief information officer at the Department for Work and Pensions on £249,999, and chief of the defence staff Sir Jock Stirrup on £244,999.

Cabinet Office minister France Maude, as head of a Public Sector Transparency Board, is overseeing the publication of the salary lists. He said: “By being open and accountable, we can start to win back people’s trust.”

While the salary details were published as part of the government’s move to improve transparency, most had already been revealed by organisations such as the Taxpayers’ Alliance. The alliance has also called for details of taxpayer-funded pension deals to be revealed, Sky News has reported.

Last week it came to light that several BBC executives earn more than the prime minister.

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