Top companies challenged to reduce sick bill

The Health and Safety Commission and the Government have challenged
Britain’s top 350 companies to take the lead in bringing down the country’s
annual £14-to-£18bn bill caused by injuries and ill health at work.

HSC chairman Bill Callaghan and Environment Minister Michael Meacher have
issued a direct appeal to some of the biggest names in British industry to set
ambitious and achievable targets for improving their companies’ health and
safety performance.

They have called on companies to include their health and safety performance
in their next annual report, and each year thereafter.

They also want firms to report back by the end of May 2001 on what progress
has been made.

The HSC has also issued guidance on the criteria and methods companies might
use to report annually on their health and safety record and achievements.

Mr Callaghan said: "Every year the British economy loses billions
because some employers have failed to meet their health and safety responsibilities."

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