Top tips to beat those post-holiday blues

Adding to the points made in your news story ‘No happy holidays as work piles up while Brits take a break’ (, 11 August), the following might also help:

1. Tell everyone you are returning from leave one day after you actually return – then spend the ‘free’ day clearing as much of your in-box as possible, without interruption.

2. Explain in your ‘out of office’ message that you may not read all the messages that arrive while you are away, and ask senders to re-send anything that is important after your stated return date.

When you get back, sort your messages by sender, and read those from really important people (for example, your chief executive, most important customers, etc). Delete the rest, safe in the knowledge that you should get a further message from those who really need to contact you.

Prue Denton
HR consultant
Blue Sky Solutions

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