Total reward statements not the only way forward

The Cabinet Office has identified an issue which is central to engaging employees in benefits programmes – communicating and reinforcing their value (‘Councils to introduce total reward schemes’, Personnel Today, 24 June).

Research undertaken by AIG UK Benefits among HR managers and employees underlined the extent to which organisations could do more to ensure their people recognise the benefits available to them.

It found that 36% of employees didn’t believe their company communicated effectively with them about the benefits on offer. This figure speaks volumes when contrasted with the 86% of employers who felt they performed well in this area.

The opportunity to talk with employees about benefits is clear. The challenge is for organisations to open the communication channels and seek to define their benefits needs more appropriately. The introduction of total reward statements is one way, but only one, of doing this.

Terry Pegg, head of sales, AIG UK Benefits

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