Traffic task force set up

Travelling salespeople are more likely to be killed at work than
construction or agricultural employees, HSE figures show.

The government has launched a task force to examine the problem and make

Figures from the HSE show that the annual probability of occupational
fatality is one in 8,000 for someone driving 25,000 miles a year. This compares
with one in 10,000 for construction and one in 13,500 for farming.

The task force, to be set up by the Department of Transport, Environment and
the Regions, will also propose ways of integrating road traffic law with health
and safety law. Ministers want to see an "occupational highway code"
for employers.

Occupational health consultant Cynthia Atwell said companies should consider
drugs tests for drivers who have to do long distances. "A lot of companies
who employ bus drivers and HGV drivers have drugs tests, so why not with car

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