Trainer1 offers latest in mobile learning technology

Trainer1, the vendor neutral e-learning specialist which has become the UK’s only authorised training centre and re-seller for the authoring tool, ToolBook, has revealed that the tool’s producer – SumTotal Systems – is about to release ToolBook 9.5.

Trainer1’s Neil Lasher explained: “The launch of ToolBook 9, some 14 months ago, saw a major change in the product. Among other things, it became a 32 bit product, with an improved user interface.

“ToolBook 9.5 marks another new step forward in authoring tools technology,” he added.

“New features include an in-built PowerPoint importer and an action script code builder that allows users to build their own actions without having to know all the background programming code – although there is still the option to use drag ’n’ drop templating if users prefer.

“Importantly, ToolBook 9.5 will output to the iPhone,” Lasher revealed.

“Although the iPhone has been a consumer product, it’s now a fully running UNIX computer with built-in communications running a copy of Mac OS10 with the ability to put applications on the iPhone – so it is becoming a business tool too,” he said.

“The iPhone has Cisco networking capability; compatibility with Microsoft Exchange for push mail and calendar, and a fully working Safari browser.”

Trainer1, has been testing the iPhone and confirms that it is possible to connect the iPhone to a learning management system and to use iPhones to deliver learning materials.

“ToolBook 9.5 allows you to create html content specifically to run on iPhones,” said Lasher, “and our tests show that this technology works!”

Trainer1, which is currently developing its own learning content and applications for the iPhone, is offering its customers a chance to preview a pre-release, beta version of this technology.  

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