This week’s training news

Wise women success

The first 20 candidates have successfully completed the ‘wise web women’
training programme, introduced to increase female IT staff. The Government initiative
has been pioneered by BT and training company Parity. Ten weeks of IT and
marketing training is combined with a 16-week placement at an SME. It was
launched following a survey that found just 5 per cent of women consider IT as
a career.

Airforce programme

British, German, Spanish and Italian Airforce staff will receive desktop
software and maintenance simulator training as part of a new overall training
solution. VEGA training group is working on the Ground Aids training programme
to support personnel using the Eurofighter. The firm will provide 40 per cent
of the emulation software and 29 per cent of the courseware as well as
installing all the UK systems.

Search for engineers

Forty female students are flying to France and Finland this summer in an
attempt to attract more women graduates into the engineering sector. Sixth
formers from around the country will spend a week abroad as part of the
initiative by the National Training Organisation for Engineering Manufacture.
The Insight 2002 scheme is also offering 500 top female maths and science
students residential courses at UK Universities.

CIPD mentor service

Norwich City College and the CIPD have teamed up to launch a new mentoring
service for personnel students. The scheme aims to ensure students benefit from
the support and guidance of senior professionals. The CIPD has 650 members in
the region and mentors have already come forward from HR departments at the NHS
trust, Virgin and Mills & Reeve solicitors.

Nurses career curve

The Department of Health has launched eight new schemes to attract more
medical professionals to disadvantaged and understaffed areas. The new teaching
primary care trusts are designed to provide the best career development for GPs
and nurses. The areas are: North Tees, Bristol, Slough, Lincolnshire, Haringey,
Luton, Blackburn and Birmingham.

Retail pilot scheme

Nick Brown, Minister for Work has announced the first five areas to benefit
from the Ambition: Retail training programme. The first areas to pilot the
scheme, designed to get 50,000 New Dealers into work over three years will be
Bristol, Cardiff, Gateshead, Glasgow and Redditch.

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