week’s training news


Hotels has simultaneously trained 40,000 of its staff in what is believed to be
the world’s biggest training session. Staff from 140 hotels across 65 countries
completed six months of intensive training which culminated in the final
one-hour event. The courses were organised by consultancy Academee and
concentrated on training and internal communications aiming to improve customer

safety online

Vehicle Inspectorate, an executive agency within the Department for Transport,
has just finished an information sharing course for 1,000 of its staff. The
course was delivered on a newly developed internet site. The group maintains
road safety standards of vehicles, and the web-based training contains
information on monitoring emission levels, tracking prosecutions as well as
some HR details. The training was conducted over a five-week period by Parity
and PC Coaching.


Casinos has implemented an e-based induction system to help integrate new staff
into the business and combat cheating. The induction, designed by Adval,
comprises a video and a learning management system which will be used at 32
casinos. Training will cover customer service skills, legislation and introduce
staff to casino games such as roulette and poker. The system is already in
place at Mecca Bingo and is now being rolled out across Grosvenor.

via phone

phone operator O2 has launched a training programme to enable staff to monitor,
diagnose and report problems with its telephone network. The course was
delivered over the company intranet and enables employees to interpret detailed
information and data. The system was introduced by Line Communications and is
now available via every employee’s mobile phone. The e-learning module also
allows staff to print off a certificate at the end of the training.


is planning to upgrade its national training centre to incorporate new sections
including a fish counter and bakery. The centre includes a 60-seat auditorium,
an IT suite and the supermarket group is extending it by 4,000sq feet. More
than 1,000 staff have passed through the centre so far, but the expansion will
enable 13,000 to train there each year. The centre will have the capacity to
deal with 100 trainees per day and has been expanded to deal with the increase
in ‘food to go’ and fresh food.

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