This week’s training news

Payout for Vauxhall

The Luton Vauxhall Partnership has received £875,000 to train staff at the
company’s Luton plant for when they are made redundant next year. Nearly 100 employees
will receive vocational and management training at the Vauxhall assembly line
in Luton to help them find a job when the plant closes in March 2002.

Actors use role-play

Newham council employed actors to train over 500 of its housing department
staff how to communicate with customers. Acting consultancy the Garnett Foundation
performed role plays that looked at ways to improve consultation, service,
ongoing development and leadership.

Investing in learning

Executives who join a professional institute invest more time and money in
their own training, claims research. Over 70 per cent of institute managers
invest in their own training and development, with 22 per cent paying more than
£500 a year. This compares with only 56 per cent of other managers who invest
in their own learning and 17 per cent who do so with more than £500 a year.

In-house training best

The NTO National Council has welcomed the final report of the Training
Standards Council which shows that employers train their staff better than when
organisations outsource training. Nearly half of staff questioned described
in-house employers training as outstanding or good compared with only 34 per
cent when

Mature people in IT

The e-skills NTO has launched a scheme to train middle aged people in IT
skills. The aim of Mature People in IT is to tackle the long-term IT skill
shortage by training people over 40 years old. The courses that start in
September cover a number of issues including e-business awareness and IT
project management. The project hopes to build on the success of others that
provided free training for mature construction and engineering staff.

Henley College award

The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board has awarded Henley
Management College a £200,000-a-year contract to deliver their management
training. The Fellowship Scheme will mean that up to 10 managers a year can
obtain an Executive MBA. In the past 22 years, Hendley has passed almost 90 engineering
construction managers in Master of Science (MSc) degree programme.

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