week’s training news

new online drive

AA is to provide e-learning to up to 5,000 employees. The AA’s insurance group
is offering 3,000 courses that staff can access at its five main offices across
the UK or through PCs at home. The courses are geared toward developing skills
for working in call centres, with customer care, communication and IT skills on

studies skills

Treasury has announced a review of the skills base of scientists and engineers
in the UK looking at why businesses struggle to recruit staff in these areas.
It will also study the research and development skills needs of businesses, and
the skills gained by science and engineering graduates. A major focus will be
to investigate how employers and universities collaborate to provide training.

NTO voice

national council, the UK’s national training body has welcomed the Government’s
proposal for a vocational and academic award, but warns that its success
depends on strong employer involvement. Garry Hawkes, chairman of the NTO
national council argues that employers must contribute to the design of the award
to ensure it has credibility.

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