This week’s training news

NTO improving image

The e-skills NTO has unveiled a three-year strategic plan to tackle the
e-skills needs of the UK. The plan takes a four-pronged approach, aiming to
boost the image of IT careers, improve links with education and training,
deliver an internationally-respected qualification structure and develop a
process for gathering authoritative information on e-skills. The plan is
underpinned by government investment of more than £2m in a year.

Net coaching rolled out

Internet firm WorldCom has successfully piloted a one-to-one coaching
initiative for its graduates in the UK and plans to roll it out across Europe
in September. The initiative will provide coaching in sales, marketing, general
management, IT and engineering for its 50 graduates across Europe. The aim of
the programme is to help graduates with their professional development and draw
up an action plan for them.

Public response on LSC

The Learning and Skills Council’s first corporate plan, launched at the
beginning of March, has been put out for public consultation. The plan details
the aims for the council in its first three years of operation. It aims to
raise skills for national competitiveness and improve the quality of education
and training delivery by convincing employers that investment in training and
development is worthwhile. The 47 local councils also intend to carry out a
needs analysis of employers and individuals in their areas this year.

Managers’ workshops

Accountancy firm The Norton Practice is planning to run a two-hour workshop
on management skills every month, from September. The workshop will train the
team on how to manage their employees using workplace scenarios, case studies
and role-play.

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