This weeks training news

EasyJet takes to road

EasyJet is running a series of roadshows in Singapore and New Zealand to try
to recruit more pilots. The first will take place in Singapore next month and
will target expatriates. Joyce Linehan, EasyJet’s flight operations recruitment
manager, said the airline recruits more than 100 pilots a year.

Playtex builds spirit

Bra manufacturer Playtex is putting 10 of its senior sales team on a
self-development workshop to build team spirit and increase the effectiveness
of its sales force. The two-day workshop will involve role-play exercises and
personality profiling. It will be held at the end of April by training company
Marcus Bohn Associates.

Managers favoured

The CIPD’s annual training survey found that managers and professionals get
the lion’s share of the training budget. They are far more likely to receive
training in the workplace than manual workers. Only 8.4 per cent of managers in
their organisations have not received training compared with 47 per cent of
manual workers who failed to get training during the same period.

Unison tracks struggle

Many local government authorities are struggling to find funds for staff
training, according to a survey by government union Unison. The union spoke to
representatives from 35 union branches and found that 51 per cent of
authorities said their council’s training efforts were hampered by a lack of
resources. But the report revealed that lower-paid employees fared quite well,
with 54 per cent of authorities having specific measures in place to address
their training needs.

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