This week’s training news

Battle areas reopen

The armed forces have
resumed routine military training at 21 specially selected areas across the UK
after closing sites to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease. All
military training areas have been closed since 23 February, with only essential
coaching continuing during this time. The decision to resume training came
after discussion between MAFF/SERAD and local farmers. The reopened sites are
not located in infected areas and are not grazed.

Canon jobs go global

Canon is running a
global training programme for its senior managers in July. The two-week course
for the 18 senior executives will focus on developing marketing and people
skills, the camera and office equipment manufacturer said. The course is being
run in conjunction with IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Bank extends coaching

Standard Chartered Bank
is rolling out an online training programme to its 18,000 staff, based in Hong
Kong and the UK, over the next four to six weeks. There will be a mixture of
classroom-based and online training covering subjects such as financial
compliance and IT. Training provider Saba will monitor the effectiveness and
the cost implications for the bank.

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