Training to beat tribunals

Advisory service Acas has made its first foray into the DVD market by launching a guide to the employment tribunal process.

The Essential Guide to Employment Tribunals offers viewers advice on whether they should be going to tribunal at all and, if they do decide to go ahead, comprehensive guidance on how to prepare and what to expect when they get there.

Acas chief executive John Taylor said: “Our primary concern is to help avoid tribunal cases if at all possible. My advice would be ‘Don’t even go there if there is another way to solve your individual workplace dispute fairly and amicably’.”

Taylor added: “The advice through-out [the DVD] is sensible and unbiased – and I think most people will find it an excellent learning tool. We want to make sure that everyone who sees this DVD considers Acas as their first stop.”

Acas estimates there are 100,000 applications to tribunal every year. Three-quarters of these are withdrawn or settled when Acas gets involved.

According to the DTI, the cost to business is £4,360 per claim, even without the costs of management and administration time.

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