Travel Inn accommodates graduate travel itineraries

Hotel chain Travel Inn has staggered the launch of its new graduate training
scheme to help attract students wanting to see the world before starting work
after university.

The scheme will have year-round recruitment, taking six to eight trainees
every three months, so students planning to travel won’t be tied to any one
start date.

The group, which has 280 hotels across the UK, hopes the 12-month training
programme will attract the best talent by promising a management job to those
who successfully complete the programme.

Called Shooting Stars, it covers all departments in the company and
candidates’ time will be spilt between placements in city and provincial hotels
to help offer the widest possible experience of the business.

There are also nine off-job courses that potential managers must attend
including HR, finance and first aid.

At the start of the course the candidates are given a clear training plan
and mentor managers are designated to oversee each individual’s development.

Michelle Luxford, HR director said the company’s growth required a stock of
trained managers that could step up quickly.

"On average we open a new Travel Inn every 10 days so it is important
for us to have properly trained team members who can be promoted," she

"There are fantastic opportunities for those who want to work hard,
prove their professionalism and move up quickly.

"Our aim is to develop recruits so they could be responsible for their
own property by the time they are 25."

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