Travel problems thwart high-fliers

One-third of London’s high earners have slept in the office or a nearby
hotel during the previous week, according to a survey by property adviser GVA

The survey shows that commuting is the biggest concern for London-based

One in 10 of those surveyed say they avoid travel problems by living in a
London-based flat or hotel during the week rather than their family home. But
despite the problems, London-based staff do not see home working as an
alternative. More than three-quarters – 77 per cent of those surveyed – are
able to work from home but only 13 per cent do so more than once a month.

Stephen Robinson, senior partner at GVA Grimley, said, "The poor state
of London’s public transport creates a dilemma for many city-based employers.
The congestion and high rents are constraining their use of space but the
intensifying war for talent means they must provide a high-quality working
environment or risk losing valuable staff."

The survey finds the average time it takes a high earner to commute is
nearly an hour each way. Eighty-six per cent of the 200 lawyers, bankers,
consultants and media professionals surveyed travel by public transport.

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