Trend shift sees rise of office nomad

Forget the plush office and the gleaming BMW in your own personal parking space – the latest in corporate status symbols is about getting out of the workplace.

Being a “corporate nomad” – on the move but in touch with the office via laptop or mobile phone – is now the fastest way to impress, according to research.

The survey by BT, based on responses from 260 FTSE 300 companies, predicts the number of people working this way will rise from 5 per cent of flexible workers to more than 17 per cent next year.

The findings coincide with a survey by the Institute of Management which found 48 per cent of managers are in touch with their office at least once a week while on holiday.

It also found 19 per cent take their laptops on holiday, up from 11 per cent two years ago, while 60 per cent pack their mobiles, compared to 43 per cent in 1998.

A study earlier this year (Personnel Today, 27 June) showed three out of four HR professionals fail to take their full holiday entitlement.

And even when they did take their holiday a further four out of five admitted to working while away.

• For information on the BT survey, contact 01865 202666

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