Tribunal watch: £3.1m for banker falsely labelled “Ms Cokehead”

Svetlana Lokhova arrives at the tribunal hearing in 2013. Photo: Mark Richards / Daily Mail / REX
Svetlana Lokhova arrives at the tribunal hearing in 2013. Photo: Mark Richards / Daily Mail / REX

An employment tribunal award of £3.1 million has been given to a former banker who was forced out of her job after a campaign against her that included being labelled “Ms Bonkers” and falsely accused of being a drug addict. Stephen Simpson rounds up employment tribunal decisions reported in the past fortnight.

Banker Svetlana Lokhova wins £3.1 million payout over colleagues’ drug lies and bullying after “crazy Ms Cokehead” nickname
A female banker in the London office of a Russian bank has been awarded £3.1 million after being driven to mental collapse by a campaign of harassment and unfounded drug slurs, reports the Evening Standard.

The employment tribunal found last year that banker Svetlana Lokhova had been the victim of harassment and victimisation. She was also found to have been constructively dismissed.

She was referred to by colleagues as “Ms Bonkers” and falsely accused of being an addict.

The majority of the employment tribunal award will come from loss of earnings. She was awarded aggravated damages because of the seriousness of her treatment and has vowed never to return to financial services.

Other tribunal decisions in the headlines

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A black police officer has won a case of racial discrimination against Wiltshire Police after it emerged he was sidelined for promotion due to the colour of his skin, says the Swindon Advertiser. Wiltshire Police has released a statement giving its reaction to the judgment.

Council to pay former employee £56,000 following car parks fiasco
Worthing Borough Council has settled out of court with former employee Cliff Harrison following an employment tribunal’s decision to uphold his claim for unfair dismissal over the management of the town’s car parks, reports the Shoreham Herald.

Factory worker wins pregnancy discrimination claim against employers
A factory worker has won her pregnancy discrimination claim against her employers, according to the Ledbury Reporter.

Devout Christian NHS worker launches appeal after being suspended
A devout Christian has launched an appeal against an employment tribunal which found she had “bullied” a Muslim colleague by praying for her and inviting her to church, says the Daily Mail.

Waitress wins nearly £6,000 after she wasn’t paid but has only received £187
The Bristol Post highlights that a café waitress took her former boss to court for non-payment of wages and costs, but despite a judgment in her favour, she is still owed nearly £6,000.

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