Tribunal watch: Cricket umpires lose age discrimination case

Peter Willey, pictured at Lords in 2000, and fellow umpire George Sharp lost their ageism case against the ECB. Photo: Robert Hallam/REX
Peter Willey, pictured in 2000, and fellow umpire George Sharp lost their ageism case. Photo: Robert Hallam/REX

An employment tribunal has rejected the age discrimination claims brought by two former cricket umpires, who were removed from their posts after reaching an “expected retirement age”. Stephen Simpson rounds up employment tribunal decisions reported in the past week.

Peter Willey and George Sharp lose age discrimination case
Cricket umpires Peter Willey and George Sharp have lost their age discrimination case against the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), reports the BBC.

The claimants were removed from the first-class umpire list when they reached the ECB’s “expected retirement age” of 65.

Their union, Prospect, was disappointed by the judgment. It explained that the tribunal accepted that the pair had been treated less favourably because of their age, but concluded that the treatment was justified because the ECB wanted to ensure opportunities for succession planning and appointing new umpires.

The ECB had also argued that the decision was justified because it wanted to maintain dignity by not having to dismiss umpires because of a decline in performance at some point in the future. However, the tribunal did not accept that this reason would have justified the umpire’s retirement.

Other tribunal decisions in the headlines

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