TUC campaign ‘declares war’ on Britain’s long-hour culture

TUC is launching a new It’s about time campaign against long hours by asking
people to use a new telephone hotline and website to report abuses of long
hours legal protection.

TUC survey shows that one in four people who have signed an opt-out from
working time regulations were given no choice about opting out.

out of three people who work more than 48 hours have not been asked to sign an

UK is the only country that allows every worker to opt out of the Europe-wide
48-hour limit on average working time.

opt-out is due to be reviewed by the European Commission later this year.

the campaign, TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber, said: “Today, we declare
war on Britain’s long-hours culture with the launch of the TUC’s It’s about
time campaign.

work the longest hours in Europe, yet other countries are more productive and
earn more.

long hours disease grips too many workplaces. European rules meant to limit
working time to 48 hours a week have made little difference. More people work
longer than 48 hours a week than before the working time regulations were

TUC is asking people who have been given no choice about opting out of the 48
hour limit, or whose bosses ignore it, to tell their stories via www.worksmart.org.uk, or by calling the
TUC hotline on 0870 8 500 500.

By Ben Willmott

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