TUC criticises UK ‘cornflake redundancies’

The TUC has launched a fresh attack on the increasing culture of
"cornflake redundancies" in the UK – where employees hear of job
losses on the radio or television over breakfast.

Speaking at a CBI conference on information and consultation in London last
week, TUC head of equality and employment rights Sarah Veale encouraged
employers to consult more with unions.

"Job losses are doubly insulting if employers don’t have the decency to
inform staff about redundancies," she said. "There is a myth that if
you tell unions about something sensitive that it will end up on the front

However, the CBI rejected this, saying cases of poor employers are rare.
Deputy director general John Cridland said: "Too much focus has been put
on isolated cases, but we must nail the myth that these practices are

New information and consultation laws come into force in April next year.

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