TUC: discriminatory pay rates must end

Black and Asian workers earn on average £97 per week less than their white
counterparts, research by the TUC shows.

The TUC claims the findings show that the Race Relations (Amendment) Act
requiring public sector employers to promote diversity in their organisations
should be extended to the private and voluntary sectors.

John Monks, TUC general secretary, said: "New laws in the public sector
will make a difference. These must be extended to end unfairness in pay for
black and Asian workers.

"These workers suffer twice the levels of unemployment, lack of
promotion opportunities and racial harassment."

The report also reveals big differences in pay within black and Asian
communities. Pakistani and Bangladeshi men earn £150 per week less than white
men, Caribbean men earn £115 less and Africans £116 less.

Black and Asian women earn £7 a week more than white women – they are more
likely to work full time – but Pakistani and Bangladeshi women earn £34 a week
less than white women.


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