TUC endorses Cogent sector skills agreement

The TUC has signed a deal with Cogent, the sector skills council for the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and energy sectors, endorsing its sector skills agreement. 

The deal follows close collaboration with Amicus, Prospect and the Transport and General Workers‘ union to develop the industry-backed agreement, which sets out the key training and development interventions for the Cogent industries.

The agreement is based on a two-year investigation into skills gaps and shortages, aimed at identifying what training inputs are needed to tackle the skills crisis facing those industries.

Cogent chief executive Joanna Woolf said: “The trades unions have a central role to play in the implementation of Cogent’s sector skills agreement and we share a number of vitally important skills objectives.

“We look forward to working with our sector’s unions and their representatives on our board in implementing this critical plan designed to enhance skills and boost productivity across our industries.”

Frances O’Grady deputy secretary general of the TUC, said: “The Cogent agreement recognises that trade unions’ experience in the areas of equality and diversity, health and safety, and workplace learning is extremely important.

“This is a real partnership that will deliver real change and allow those working in the sector to unlock their potential, and as we know that will lead to better opportunities, better pay and better morale.”

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