TUC fears bill will weaken staff rights

Unions are unhappy with measures outlined in the new Employment Bill that
they say will weaken workers’ rights to challenge dismissals.

The TUC claims the proposal to allow employment tribunals to overlook minor
procedural errors by organisations when sacking an employee will further tip
the balance in favour of the employer.

TUC general secretary John Monks said, "We have some concerns about the
proposal that ‘minor’ breaches of the procedures which employers need to follow
when dismissing staff will no longer matter.

"This sends the wrong message to employers, some of whom will
inevitably try to exploit this loophole. It is far better to have clear rules
that everyone understands."

Monks stressed that overall there was much in the bill that the TUC

"We welcome the requirement for companies to have proper grievance and
disciplinary procedures based on the Acas code. This will help resolve problems
in the workplace rather than tribunals."

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