TUC launches campaign to clean up dirty workplaces

Over 7 million employees breathe harmful fumes and dusts at
work on a daily basis, according to a new H&S guide by the TUC.

The guide is part of the union’s new campaign to clean up
workplaces and claims that these substances can cause skin and lung diseases,
and even fatal cancers.

The TUC plans to use the Control of Substances Hazardous to
Health Regulations 1999 to target the worst employers and push for on better
health standards.

Government figures show that men are more likely to be
exposed than women because of the high levels of exposure in construction,
agriculture and metal processing. But there are still hotspots for women in
hairdressing, textiles, catering, nursing and cleaning.

“The effect of fumes and dusts at work can be insidious and
deadly. They can cost workers their health and employers cold lose their most
skilled staff, and face substantial compensation costs,” said TUC general
secretary John Monks.


By Mike Broad

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