TUC launches interactive test to root out long-hours culture

The TUC has today launched a website to take on the long-hours culture ahead of ‘Work Your Proper Hours Day’ on 24 February.

Nearly five million employees last year worked, on average, more than a days unpaid overtime a week (7.4 hours), and lost a total of £23bn in unpaid wages, according to TUC figures.

The union body is urging staff to take a full lunch break and leave on time on the 24th.

On the new website, employees can take a quiz to find out if they are a ‘desk junkie’, ‘stay late sheep’ or another of the five types of overworker. Once their long-hours problem is diagnosed they will be prescribed advice on how to treat their unproductive working patterns.

TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber, said: “Work Your Proper Hours Day is a light-hearted way of encouraging staff and managers to think about how they can work together to take on the UK’s damaging long hours culture. The website is a fun and informative way of getting this message across.”


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