TUC urges hospitality workers to press for smoking ban

The TUC is urging bar and club workers to e-mail the government to push for a smoking ban in workplaces.

Last week, the government announced the beginning of two-month consultation period covering how a smoking ban might work in England.

The TUC has set up a special website that will allow individuals to send a standard letter calling for a total ban or to submit their own comments.

The TUC website reminds pub and club workers that one of them dies every week as a result of inhaling other people’s smoke at work.

TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber, said a total smoking ban in workplaces was the only solution.

“For any smoking ban to be effective it must cover all workplaces,” he said. “The pub and club workers of establishments that don’t serve food deserve as much protection from cancer-causing smoke as everyone else.”

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