Two learning impact awards for Giunti Labs

The leading learning and mobile content management solution provider, Giunti Labs has won a ‘Gold’ and a ‘Best in category’ award at the IMS Learning Impact Awards (LIAs), the world’s annual competition for the high impact use of technology to support and enhance learning.

Organised by the IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC), the LIAs recognise use of technology to improve learning across all education segments and in all regions of the world.

Giunti Labs won the Gold Award for building a Dynamic Management Skills Catalogue – using its learn eXact learning content management system (LCMS) – for the France-based international leader in learning and development, Cegos.

During 2007 Cegos selected Giunti Labs and its LCMS, learn eXact, to help it port Cegos’ product offerings into a new generation blended catalogue, combining classroom training, e-learning and pre- and post-training evaluation in a modular and personalisable way for end user organisations.

Today Cegos’ e-learning catalogue comprises 200 highly modular learning experiences. These are available in 10 languages and are dynamically configurable, via Giunti Labs’ learn eXact LCMS, to create personalised learning objects playlists which can be linked to any third party learning management system (LMS).

Providing learning materials to 200,000 end-users a year, the Cegos Catalogue represents Europe’s largest initiative in soft skills e-learning catalogue development.

Through using the learn eXact LCMS, the Cegos Catalogue is loadable within any pre-existing learning management system (LMS) and related tracking can support planning and management within the competency development cycle.

According to Pascal Debordes, Cegos’ e-learning Director, clients of Cegos found those e-Learning Solutions by Cegos modules particularly attractive, well designed and very interactive. International companies also value the fact that those solutions are localised in 10 languages, taking into account cultural gaps.

A France-based project also won the ‘Best Rich Media Solution’ category LIA for Giunti Labs. This time, it was for the use of Giunti Labs’ HarvestRoad Hive digital repository (DR) in developing ‘the Vet Tube’, a digital marketplace for video lectures for veterinary education.

In spring 2007, the Lyon Vet School selected HarvestRoad Hive DR technology to design a multi-access digital marketplace for educational resources.

This applied both to formal educational systems in the Lyon University network and new, ‘web 2-like’, informal and innovative learning services, such as the ‘Vet Tube’ – a ‘You Tube for Education’ service giving access to educational video lectures and resources  harvested from within the School’s repository and a federation of third party repositories federated via OKI OSIDs interfaces.

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